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Chip BornsteinAirline Captain and Designated Pilot Examiner

Chip Bornstein is a designated pilot examiner (DPE) in Arizona and has been a flight instructor for over 43 years. He also flies as a captain for a major airline on the Boeing 777. He has worked as an airline flight safety manager, check airman, assistant chief pilot, and a FAA enroute radar air traffic controller. Chip has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Adult Education and Training.

His goal is to help others achieve their aviation objectives with an emphasis on safety and the standards.

“Think safe, act safe, be safe.”

My HistoryI was 6 ½ years old the day my dad earned his private pilot certificate.

He took me around the pattern in an old Ercoupe that day. I’ve never looked back.

My journey to airline captain and designated pilot examiner took many turns and twists. Many of the pilots who came before me were former military pilots but I traveled an all-civilian route. It was expensive to train and the money I was paid once I became a professional wasn’t anywhere near the level it is now. My career included flight instructing, executive charter flights, seaplane operations, air traffic control, and regional airline operations. Performing all of those different roles helped me develop a well-rounded perspective of what it takes to succeed in the industry and the ability to share that knowledge with others.

Many people helped me along the way and I wanted to find a way to pay it forward. I spent time in the Civil Air Patrol, taught and mentored my students, and wrote safety-related articles. A few years ago, I began safetychip.com in order to widen my reach and help more aspiring pilots. Some of them want to become professionals and now is a great time to take that route. Others are interested in private flying and want to experience aviation safely and efficiently.

Regardless of your goals and where you are on that journey, I want to help you. This website is designed to help you pass your practical exams (checkrides) and beyond. Rather than simply teach you how to answer the examiner’s questions, I hope to help you reach a level of understanding and application in a wide array of topics that will last you throughout your aviation endeavors.

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Over 23,000 hours of flight time


Airline Transport Pilot

  • Airplane Multiengine Land
  • Commercial Privileges
  • Airplane Single Engine Land
  • Airplane Single Engine Sea
  • Rotorcraft-Helicopter

Type Ratings:

A-320  B-777. BA-3100. SA-227. SF-340


  • Airplane Single & Multiengine
  • Instrument Airplane

Our missionOur goal is to allow you to:

  • Better understand what it takes to achieve your aviation goals
  • Better understand, correlate, and apply your knowledge
  • Perform at your best during practical exams (checkrides).
  • Learn lifelong aviation lessons
  • Think Safe, Act Safe, Be Safe!
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